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Flight Listing

Complete real time Online Air Reservation System. We have custom booking engines for the entire gamut of online travel and the solution will able to meet each one of the client requirements. Advance tour search based on Flight Type, Destination, City, Departs from, Departure Date, Price, Discount Offers and many more. With flight list feature manage customized air schedule to change the fly time.

Car Rental

Vio travel will available in cars reservation it will help enhance customer service and manage your cab rental business online. You can add as many cars and extras as you wish and offer different transfers and city tours. The reservation system provides a simple, step-by-step booking process and an intuitive backend administration with a password secured access.

Hotel Reservation

Online reservation for Hotels, Apartments and Resorts. users can view color coded overview daily monthly availability calendar with full pricing and details page including special dates and available prices.

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Bootstrap Powered

Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. ViPro was built on top, extending it to a large degree.

Fully Responsive

The User Interface will adjust to any screen size. It will look great on mobile devices and on desktops at the same time. No need to worry about the UI, just stay focused on the development.

Retina Ready

It will look crispy clear on high resolution screens and at the same time it will serve your high quality images as required.

Cross Browser Support

ViPro will play nice with all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and the latest versions of Internet Explorer.

Lightweight UI

ViPro is not bloated with Jquery plugins and created to be as fast and lightweight as possible. Also, striping out the features you won't use, it is just a matter of seconds.

Mobile First

The layout adjusts as we move up from mobile devices to large desktop screens and not the other way around. This speed things up a lot.

Awesome Components

ViPro comes packed with so many awesome components. Calendar, CSS3 Animations, Form Wizards, Form Validation, Syntax Highlighting and Charts are only a small portion of them. Check them all out at the live preview.

Flexible Layout

Create the layout you want for your project in seconds. Would you like a static layout? A fixed header and sidebars? A fixed footer? An alternative sidebar? You can have it!

9 Awesome Colors

ViPro features 9 carefully chosen and integrated color themes to choose from. It's like getting a new template every time you change the active color theme.

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